If  this  unit  is  missing  its  serial  number,  you  should  return  it  to  your. Below you will find the Parasound A-21. They replaced a Parasound NC 2250 and 5250 in my system. Home Theater Review Feb 2020 "With its high-quality chassis, thoughtful circuit design, and excellent sound quality, the A 21+ offers an impressive value proposition. I actually purchased my A21+ from them. You may. Power on/off management options: 1. We  encourage  you  to  read, this  entire  manual  to  learn  all  the  features  and  capabilities  of  your  new  Halo  Series, If you’re eager to get up and running right away, simply follow the basic step-by-step, instructions to connect and operate the A 21. Details about ☆ Parasound A21 Stereo Power Amplifier ☆ Black See original listing ... Power Cord, Manual. Congratulations and Thank You for Choosing Parasound Your new Parasound Halo Series A 51 power amplifier presents the latest advancements in amplifier technology. Automatic turn-on by 12 V trigger or audio sensing. Changes from the original A 21→A 21+ 250 → 300 Watts (8Ω) 400 → 500 Watts (4Ω) 750 → 1000 Watts (bridged) Filter cap: 88,000 uF → 108,000 uF Home > Classifieds > Amplifiers > Solid State > Parasound A21 Power Amplifier. Description. Parasound did a thorough job in writing the manual for the A21+. The Parasound product is very hard to beat for the money. Anyone in the market for a stereo power amp would be well advised to consider the Parasound A 21+, especially those who believe that they must spend more." If if you look at the innards of both the A21 and the A21+ they appear to have very similar topology. We’re proud to offer you this exceptional audio component that … The A 21 is built to the strict quality and performance standards set by Parasound. The biggest collection of Parasound manuals and schematics. Unauthorized  dealers  may  lack  the  capability  to  arrange  repairs  of  Parasound  equipment. Shipping is expensive so recommend audition and pick … ... Halo A21 Halo A23 Halo A31 Halo A51 Halo A52 Halo JC1 Halo JC5 HCA-1000A HCA-1200 HCA-1205A HCA-1206 HCA-1500A HCA-2200 HCA-3500 HCA-500 HCA-600 HCA-750A HCA-800 HCA-855A Model 2250 Model 275 Zamp Zonemaster 2350. Specs below. We recommend that you keep, your purchase receipt with this manual and store them both in a safe place. View online or download Parasound 2125 v.2 Owner's Manual This wasn’t, by any means, inexpensive and given their history of building high performance-to-price equipment – we were very intrigued. ! Harris hyper-fast soft-recovery bridge diode rectifiers. ,1752'8&7,21 7kdqn